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Death is what you make it. Black Crow, still filled with sorrow at the murder of his people and the misuse of the land by the invaders from across the sea, continues to walk a trail of tears.

Black Crow is a wight. In life, he was the one of the most respected members of his tribe but was killed and buried by European colonists, who later built a wooden shack over his grave. He seeks to destroy the structure covering his grave to return the land to its natural state.

Black Crow can be unlocked in Spooky Hollow. To free him, the shack built over his grave must be destroyed. This can be done either by using a lot of wind-based powers to blow the shack away or by using a Quake to make it collapse.

Power List[]

  1. Fog
  2. Can learn either Stink or Tremor
  3. Rain
  4. Dread
  5. Can learn either Queasy or Slow
  6. Choking Odour
  7. Possess
  8. Can learn either Scared to Death or Swallow
  9. Can learn either Danse Macabre or Nausea
  10. Buried Alive