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Wisps experience pleasurable sensation when gazed upon by mortals, and as such are very hard to sneak up on. They can, however, be incapacitated by a really hard stare.

Blair Wisp is a wisp. 300 years ago, he angered a witch who cursed him to remain on a lonely, fog-choked island in a remote section of the forest - the worst fate possible for an entity that thrives on being seen by mortals.

Blair Wisp can be unlocked in The Blair Wisp Project. To free him, the fog surrounding his island must be lifted and he must be seen by one of the mortals. The best way to lift the fog is by using wind powers. Once the island is clear, Blair Wisp can use either Strange Vision or Hypnotic Image to get seen.

Power List[]

  1. Fluster
  2. Can learn either Intrigue or Shattered Nerves
  3. Strange Vision
  4. Can learn Delusion
  5. Hypnotic Image