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A fan of over-the-top cop movie heroes such as McClane and Riggs, Blue was disappointed to find that she died rather easily when shot with a lethal weapon.

Blue Murder is an apparition. She was a police officer who was gunned down in an ambush, which she believes was set up by a corrupt cop in her own precinct. Until she finds out who the cop is, her spirit is trapped in her body on a slab in the police station's morgue.

Blue Murder can be freed in either The Unusual Suspects or Ghostbreakers. To free her, the corrupt cop must be discovered and brought in to see her body. To discover the corrupt cop, Officer Andrew Haid - the guard of the evidence room - must be scared away from his position. Eventually, Detective Norman Franz will enter the evidence room, see the large briefcase full of cash, and swipe some for himself. Noticing this, Blue Murder will demand he be brought to her. This can be easily done by quickly using Blue's Obsession power. After Norman gets close enough to her body, Blue Murder will appear before him and chastise him for her murder, instantly scaring him away and freeing her spirit. If she's not freed in The Unusual Suspects, her ghost will be trapped in a cell of the ESD during the Ghostbreakers mission.

List of Powers[]

  1. Bitter Cold
  2. Can learn Intrigue
  3. Hidden Maze
  4. Can learn Ice Breath
  5. Can learn Fascinate
  6. Spooky Surprise
  7. Obsession
  8. Terror Incarnate