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They say Spooks never grow up, and this feisty scamp is the proof. His party tricks involve introducing himself to geese and sneaking into mortals to haunt them from the inside out.

Boo is a spook. He loves to scare people. The Ghost Master starts the game with him.

Boo already has a good set of well-rounded powers, and it may be preferable not to teach him any more. However, if you like to use him to drive people away (rather than attract them) Fool’s Errand and Thunderclap are good choices. Jinx can be a good Belief builder, and a lot of fun—worth getting if Thunderclap does not appeal to you.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn either Fool's Errand or Moan
  2. Rattle Chains
  3. Leak
  4. Hide & Seek
  5. Can learn either Jinx or Thunderclap
  6. Kinesis


  • He resembles Stinkie from Casper.