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Carol-Anne is an irritating little girl who could almost be cute, if she could just shut up. She's afraid of guns and fireworks.

Carol-Anne Hutz is a mortal. She's the youngest daughter of Steve and Diane Hutz.

Carol-Anne has accompanied her parents to the police station.

After discovering and reporting a pair of skeletons in their house, Steve and Diane went to the town police station for interviewing, bringing along their daughter, Carol-Anne. However, the station was attacked by the Ghost Master while they were awaiting questioning in the lobby and they were all chased off.

Later on, Carol-Anne became the vessel of Hard Boiled, a poltergeist created from the combined spirits of countless birds that had been killed in a slaughterhouse that stood where the Hutz house stands today. The Ghost Master's team scared off her family and freed Hard Boiled, they turned on Carol-Anne and sent her running away along with them.


Subconscious fear:Darkness



  • She is based on Carol-Anne Freeling from the movie ,,Poltergeist''.