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This organ grinder's monkey was unlucky enough to be ground by his own organ. Now a respect Gremlin, Cogjammer is as wild in death as he was docile in life.

Cogjammer is a gremlin.

The Ghost Master starts the game with Cogjammer.

There are many choices for Cogjammer’s powers, but he can specialize in three basic roles. His existing malfunction powers could be reinforced with Sparkstorm and Surge to make him an anti-machinery Gremlin. Alternately, choose Fool’s Errand and Wild Geese to give him a role in sending mortals to other ghosts. Finally, Cut Lights, Blow Fuse, and Blackout could be taught, making Cogjammer similar to Hogwash—a power-disruption Gremlin. It’s recommended that Ghost Masters try to create a unique role for each haunter, and therefore this third choice makes sense only if you cannot wait to recruit Hogwash, later in your hauntings. If you don’t desire the malfunction theme, teach Luckstorm. A fantastic way to build Belief, it also has the advantage of being at the top Plasm Band, and it’s therefore very easy to control whether or not this power gets used in any given haunting.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn either Cut Lights or Fool's Errand
  2. Spark
  3. Can learn either Blow Fuse or Wild Geese
  4. Strange Behaviour
  5. Jinx
  6. Can learn either Blackout or Sparkstorm
  7. Wild & Crazy
  8. Can learn either Luckstorm or Surge