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It doesn't pay for an anesthetist to be distracted when preparing chloroform, as Daydreamer found out during his heart attack. When this sandman sleeps, it takes a particularly loud noise to wake him.

Daydreamer is a sandman. It's possible that he died during the 19th century, given his old fashion clothing style and the fact that he was medically administered chloroform. He now rests very soundly on a hospital bed, bound to a tank of anesthetic (or the bed itself, in the US release).

Daydreamer can be unlocked in either Phantom of the Operating Room or What Lies Over the Cuckoo's Nest? by waking him up. This can be done with a Suspicious Stench from a phantom or a Wail or Cacophony from a banshee in the hallway just outside his room.

You might recall Weatherwitch saying that she would "whip up a storm to wake the dead." If you create a storm outside the hospital with her contributing to it, or bind her to the hallway outside Daydreamer's room and have her use Thunderclap, he will awaken and remark that he's not heard a storm like that since the last time he's worked with Weatherwitch.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn either Fluster or Uncover Fear
  2. Can learn Shattered Nerves
  3. Dreamthief
  4. Can learn either Delusion or Taste Aura
  5. Sleep
  6. Can learn Aura Reading
  7. Sleepwalk
  8. Unearthly Calm
  9. Can learn Psychotic Rage
  10. Expose Fears