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Tootie is someone naive and yearns to be a guest on Hollywood Polygons.

Dorothy 'Tootie' Cohn is a mortal. She's a member of the Kappa Lambda sorority.

It's unknown if she's related to Natalie Cohn, another sorority girl who appears in the same house as her.

For some reason, she has a picture of Olivia Hamner hanging in her room.

Fear: Noises

Subconscious fear:Storm



Tootie Ramsey.jpg
  • Dorothy "Tootie" Cohn is based on a character from sitcom series "The Facts of Life". Her name is derived from the character Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey and actress Mindy Cohn (who has been played as Natalie Green).
    • ​In sitcom TV series, Tootie and Natalie were shown as best friends. In Ghost Master, the two are sharing the same surname (and presented eventually as sisters, so that would explain the close relation between them).