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Fingers always imagined life to be like music, with death as the end of the song. He was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that death is in fact a coda.

Fingers is a phantom. In life, he was a pianist aboard Don Bartholemew's yacht. His relationship with his boss was fine until Fingers unwittingly started playing the don's least favorite tune on a night when the don was in a particularly bad mood. The don had Fingers shot and sent to the bottom of the sea in cement shoes. However, Fingers doesn't mind these developments; his spirit is still bound to his piano, trying to remember the song he was unable to finish before his demise.

Fingers can be unlocked in Deadfellas. To free him, he needs to remember the tune he was playing when he died. Several of the mortals on the ship occasionally whistle various tunes to themselves. Jude Klous, the ship's cook, is the one whistling the right tune. Try to scare him away from the kitchen and persuade him to go to the ship's lounge with powers like Fool's Errand. As soon as he enters, he'll automatically whistle the tune, which Fingers will finish on his piano before joining you.

List of Powers[]

  1. Can learn either Fluster or Lingering Smell
  2. Tremor
  3. Can learn Suspicious Stench
  4. Dread
  5. Can learn either Numb or Queasy
  6. Aura Reading
  7. Spooky Stack
  8. Unearthly Calm
  9. Can learn either Nausea or TK Storm