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Ghostbreakers is a mission in Act 3 of Ghost Master. It's set in Gravenville's police station, which is now the base of operations for the titular Ghostbreakers (the parody of Ghost busters).

Objective: Scare everyone away.


Use Blackout to temporarily shut off the green ward (which is hooked up to the main power lines). While the ward emitter is down, bind a ghost to it and use Spark to destroy it for good.

Next, bind a ghost to the generator in the evidence room of the basement and have them use Surge to stop it from powering the blue ward. Bind a ghost into the blue ward room and use Sparkstorm to simultaneously destroy the emitter and the alarm.

Finally, bind Sparkle to the Ghostbreaker van and bind another ghost to the air conditioner controls on the wall of the stairwell in the basement. Have Sparkle use Inferno and the other ghost break the controls with Spark, reversing the air flow and heating the morgue. This damages the sensitive, climate-controlled devices, releasing the Ghostbreakers' prisoners and disabling the red ward long enough to bind a ghost into the morgue and destroy the equipment with a Surge.

The rest of the level is straightforward; get rid of all the mortals without having anyone get banished by the three Ghostbreakers.