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Never underestimate the malevolence of chickens. This gestalt entity's long term goal is to revenge itself on the mysterious mortal known only as 'the Colonel.'

Hard Boiled is a poltergeist. Rather than one spirit, Hard Boiled is the result of the combined anguish of countless birds killed in a slaughterhouse. As it turns out, the slaughterhouse was eventually demolished and a house was built on the grounds; the same house now owned by the Hutz family. Hard Boiled lingered in the area until it eventually bound itself to Carol-Anne Hutz.

Hard Boiled is unlocked in Poultrygeist. To free it, every family member besides Carol-Anne Hutz must be scared away from the house. Since causing everyone in the house to flee is the goal of the mission anyway, Hard Boiled is always freed by the end of the scenario.

Power List[]

  1. Bitter Cold
  2. Can learn Tremor
  3. Wild Geese
  4. Can learn Ice Breath
  5. Can learn Jinx
  6. Gore
  7. Seeping Blood
  8. Can learn either Frozen Stiff! or Twister
  9. Gushing Blood


  • Hard Boiled's Description is a reference to Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).