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Harriet is a pookah, that rare form of spirit which has a genuine love of mortals. She is vaguely confused as to why her friends tend to end up in white, padded rooms, but doesn't let it bother her.

Harriet is a Trickster. As a pookah, she has a sincere interest in making friends with mortals, even though almost every mortal she interacts with eventually ends up being sent to the asylum.This is likely how she ended up in the hospital and met her latest friend; Jimmy Dowd. Having lost his beloved toy rabbit, the boy is now very upset and Harriet refuses to leave him until he's happy again.

Harriet can be unlocked in the Phantom of the Operating Room Level. To persuade her to join you, Jimmy Dowd's toy rabbit must be returned to him. The doll was stolen by Kevin Caulkin, another boy staying at the hospital. Scaring Kevin will temporarily cause him to drop the bunny, but he'll almost always run back to grab it again. Only scaring him away from the hospital completely will make him drop the bunny for good. Once the bunny is on the ground, it can be found and picked up by an adult mortal. Eventually, the mortal will go to the ward Jimmy is staying in and drop the bunny, allowing Jimmy to collect it. After that, Harriet will be satisfied that Jimmy has his bunny back and will join the haunting team.

List of Powers[]

  1. Flower Power
  2. Can learn Intrigue
  3. Can learn Creepers or Wild Geese
  4. Ethereal Gift
  5. Can learn Fascinate or Jinx
  6. Charm
  7. Shapeshifter
  8. Can learn either Loathsome Aspect or Luckstorm
  9. Can learn Trojan Gift
  10. Abhorrent Aspect


  • She is based on Harvey the invisible rabbit from the movie "Harvey".