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Lucky found that frat boys are a useful source of food, and so decided to become an Alpha Tau. Sadly, their electrical repair skills were wanting, leading to Lucky's electrocution by their warm but malfunctioning pinball table.

Lucky is a gremlin. In life, she was the adopted pet cat of the Alpha Tau fraternity, until she was electrocuted by a malfunctioning pinball machine. Despite the "beeping table" being the cause of her death, Lucky still considers it a warm and safe place to nap, so long as no one causes it to spark and malfunction by winning the game.

Lucky can be unlocked in Weird Séance. There's two methods of making her leave her pinball machine. The easiest is to bind Static to the moose head in the room and have him use Sparkstorm. The other is to have one of the mortals beat the pinball game. This can be done by waiting until a mortal approaches to play a game and then having Lucky Charm them. After a few attempts, the mortal will win, causing the poorly repaired machine to loudly malfunction and persuading Lucky to take her naps elsewhere.


  1. Cut Lights
  2. Can learn Spark
  3. Can learn either Blow Fuse or Wild Geese
  4. Strange Behaviour
  5. Can learn Jinx
  6. Charm
  7. Can learn Wild & Crazy
  8. Luckstorm