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He's more into his own rugged good looks than those of his girlfriend, Helen Highwater.

Matt Burke is a mortal. He's a member of the Alpha Tau fraternity.

Matt has ended up in jail along with his Alpha Tau buddies for disorderly behavior.

Due to disorderly behavior, he, Obi Wan' Shinobi, Ted Gable, and Weasel' Stratton were stuck in the police station lock-up on the night that the Ghost Master attacked.

Later on, he would be visit the Kappa Lambda sorority house on the night the Ghost Master targeted the witches Cher Medford, Michelle Ridgemont, and Susan Spofford.



Danny Burke and his actor, Matt Salinger.

  • Matt Burke is based on a character from a comedy film series Revenge of the Nerds. His name is derived from the character Danny Burke and Matt Salinger, the character's actor.
  • It's possible that he's related with Paul Burke.
  • He's afraid of being trapped and fire.
  • Fear:Trapped
  • Subconscious fear:Fire