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Maxine, a vendor of cosmetics in life, is one of many entities to find relief in undeath - she was overjoyed to discover that ectoplasm doesn't wrinkle.

Maxine Factor is an apparition. In life, she was a door-to-door cosmetics salesperson. After being invited inside by the insane old lady who used to live in the Hutz's house, she was served tea with arsenic and her body and possessions were dumped in a room in the attic, which the lady then boarded up. Her spirit now resides in her make-up kit, waiting for a woman to show genuine interest in her products.

Maxine Factor can be freed in either The Calamityville Horror or Poultrygeist. To free her, a woman must take an interest in her make-up kit and try some of it on. This can be done by waiting until a female mortal is near the room and using Maxine's Intrigue power.


  1. Bitter Cold
  2. Intrigue
  3. Strange Vision
  4. Can learn Ice Breath
  5. Can learn Fascinate
  6. Spooky Surprise
  7. Can learn Ghostly Apparition or Obsession
  8. Can learn either Frozen Stiff! or Terror Incarnate


  • Her name is a reference to the beautician and founder of the Max Factor Company, Max Factor.