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Professional haunters pride themselves on their reserve and impartiality, but Moonscream truly is fair in all things. Admittedly, this is because she hates all things with equal passion - but full marks for effort, all the same.

Moonscream is a banshee. In life, she was the wife of Dr. Krauss. However, her ruthless husband used her for his dark rituals, driving her insane. Eventually, the doctor killed her and buried her body in the basement of his remote cabin, where her trapped spirit plots her revenge.

Moonscream can be unlocked in Summoners Not Included or The Blair Wisp Project. To free her, she must reveal her new ghostly self to a mortal. This simply requires her to use Strange Vision or Spooky Surprise while someone - most likely her former husband himself - is in the basement and can see her.

Power List[]

  1. Fluster
  2. Can learn either Gather Winds or Shattered Nerves
  3. Strange Vision
  4. Can learn either Dread or Insane Invitation
  5. Shriek
  6. Spooky Surprise
  7. Can learn either Ghostly Apparition or Paralyse
  8. Can learn either Scared to Death or Shattering Song
  9. Cacophony


  • Moonscream started out as an alternate design for Brigit, before becoming her own character.