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Phantoms are a type of frightener. They consist of eccentric ghosts with unconventional minds, either insane, highly creative, or — most likely — both.

Phantom powers are highly ecclectic but typically have to do with directly inducing fear, manipulating mortal psyches, moving objects physically, and summoning up vile aromas.

Possible Powers[]

  1. Either Fluster or Lingering Smell
  2. Either Fright, Stink, or Tremor
  3. Suspicious Stench
  4. Either Dread or Taste Aura
  5. Either Numb or Queasy
  6. Either Aura Reading, Choking Odour, Kinesis, or Terrorise
  7. Either Paralyse, Phobia, or Spooky Stack
  8. Either Scared to Death, Twister, or Unearthly Calm
  9. Either Nausea or TK Storm

List of Phantoms[]