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There is strength in numbers. Here a murder of crows gathers to take revenge upon its persecutors, assuming the face of its ultimate terror to do so.

Scarecrow is a horde. It's placed in a lonely field at Spooky Hollow where it literally thirsts for blood.

Scarecrow can be unlocked in Spooky Hollow. To free it, it requires being touched with blood. There's two ways of accomplishing this. One is to use have a ghost use Gushing Blood while in Scarecrow's field to flood it with blood. The other is to have one ghost use Rain while outside - making a puddle of water at Scarecrow's feet - and then having another ghost use Gore to turn the water into blood.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn Flower Power
  2. Brief Scare
  3. Can learn Creepers
  4. Can learn either Dense Swarm or Twisted Vines
  5. Swarm Strike
  6. Legion