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Smokin' Joe was a rising baseball star until he brained himself with his own bat. He was pleased to find that the dead did not care much about the circumstances of his demise.

Smokin' Joe is an apparition that was cut from the game.

Smokin' Joe was supposed to appear in Field of Nightmares, a mission also cut from the game. In the mission, Smokin' Joe would be bound to a tract of land and must be set free by coercing mortals into building a baseball field on it.

The Ghost Master starts the game with Smokin' Joe.

Added by Complete Edition game-mod.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn Bitter Cold
  2. Can learn Intrigue
  3. Strange Vision
  4. Can learn Ice Breath
  5. Fascinate
  6. Icy Touch
  7. Can learn Obsession or Ghostly Apparition
  8. Terror Incarnate