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Prince of elementals, Stormtalon is as glorious to mortals as they are banal to him. He is scornful of their petty attempts to emulate his power, and fights Progress wherever it rears its ugly head.

Stormtalon is a thunder spirit. Little is known about him other than his hatred for technology. He resides in a dead tree in the middle of a lake in Spooky Hollow.

Stormtalon can be unlocked in Spooky Hollow. To recruit him, you must create a large storm; have two ghost use Gusts and Rain then have two others use Distant Thunder and Gather Winds]] at the same time. This will cause lightning to strike Stormtalon's tree, summoning him and allowing him to join you.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn either Cut Lights or Fog
  2. Can learn Distant Thunder
  3. Rain
  4. Can learn Hailstones
  5. Tempest
  6. Blackout
  7. Can learn either Haunted Hail or Wild & Crazy
  8. Surge
  9. Typhoon