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Mortal children play a gruesome game at Halloween, passing objects to one another blindfold. Peeled grapes become a dead man's eyes. Well, children, these are a dead man's eyes.

Terroreyes is an apparition. Not much is known about his life, other than that he was murdered and that most of his body was chopped up and used for illegal research. Only his eyes and brain remained and those were stolen by members of the Alpha Tau fraternity to be put in a jar as a gruesome nicknack.

Terroreyes can be freed in Weird Séance. To free him, the jar holding his remains must be destroyed. This can be done by placing Aether outside the window near the jar and having her use Shattering Song. The power Quake (unlockable on Stonewall) achieves the same effect.

List of Powers[]

  1. Can learn Bitter Cold
  2. Can learn Intrigue
  3. Can learn either Hidden Maze or Strange Vision
  4. Ice Breath
  5. Fascinate
  6. Icy Touch
  7. Ghostly Apparition
  8. Can learn either Frozen Stiff! or Terror Incarnate