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The Blair Wisp Project is a mission in Act 2 of Ghost Master. It's set in the forest, near Dr. Krauss's cabin.

Objective: Without scaring any away, get the mortals to find the occult tome.


Of the default recommendation, you may want to discard Firetail, as

There are a few optional things to be done:

  • Sparkle: You can release sparkle using one of the following methods:
    • Knuckles + Terroreyes: Both can use Icy Breath, which encourages the mortals to light the campfire to release .
    • Firetail: Bind to the student's flashlights, and use Bonfire when near the camp.
    • You can also bind a mane to a nearby pile of bones and use Bonfire. (Not recommended.)
  • Blair Wisp: Have Aether and Weatherwitch perform strong enough winds to remove the fog from the center island, and have the Blair Wisp reveal himself when the mortals get close.

Now, onto the main quest:

  1. To get the mortals across the island, you need to use Unearthly Calm from Fingers, then attract them using one of many powers that attract mortals (found in Terroreyes, weatherwitch, and Blair Wisp.)
  2. Knock down the tree using Quake from Banzai or by conjuring enough wind, rain, and thunder to have a lightning bolt strike it.
  3. Wait for the mortals to gather at the ritual location.

When the mortals complete the ritual, the Darkling is successfully summoned, but is captured by the professor.