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The Calamityville Horror is a mission in Act 1 of Ghost Master. It's set in the Hutz house.

Objective: Get the mortals to find the bodies hidden in the house.

Time: 10:00 for 2 pumpkin rank, 7:30 for 3 pumpkin rank.


In order to complete this mission, two of the skeletons hidden in the house must be discovered by first the mortals living there, then the police. One skeleton (Arclight's) is bricked up behind a false wall in the basement, another (Maxine Factor's) is on a bed in a boarded-up room in the attic, and the third (Static's) is lodged in a chimney on the roof.

Arclight's skeleton can be discovered by binding Stonewall to the rubble near the false wall, using Tremor to weaken it, then using Boo's Rattle Chains power to call mortals down to the basement. They'll notice the small hole in the wall and widen it, allowing Arclight to be freed.

Maxine Factor's skeleton can be uncovered by having her use Intrigue to get the attention of the mortals. Eventually, they'll rip off the boards blocking the door to her room and look inside. Note that freeing Maxine's spirit requires a woman to use the make-up kit she's bound to.

Static's skeleton can be uncovered by using Bitter Cold in the downstairs living room. As the skeleton blocks the chimney, smoke will build up in the child's bedroom. You may either use use Boo's Rattle Chains power in the child's bedroom where the body fell to call mortals to it, or Stonewall's Tremor to dislodge the skeleton to have the smoke appear in the living room instead.

Note: Ghosts that are not freed during this mission will appear in Poultrygeist.




  • This level and the "Poultrygeist" level are inspired by the multiple manslaughter and haunting that happened in a house in Amityville, NY. Those events also inspired a number of books and the "Amityville Horror" movie franchise.


  • Sometimes a mortal may glitch through the door to Maxine Factor's room. If they do, they may be able to sample the makeup, but will be trapped in the room.