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If genius and insanity are two sides of the same canvas, it's a mercy that the Painter never created a self portrait. People didn't want to hang his paintings so the Painter hung himself.

The Painter is a phantom. Other than his profession and suicide, little is known about his life. It's implied that he's not a very talented or skilled artist.

The Painter is unlocked automatically at the start of Act 3. In the content that was cut from the game, the Painter was originally going to be sealed in a painting he made, which now hangs on the wall of the second floor hallway of the Hutz household.

List of Powers[]

  1. Can learn either Fluster or Lingering Smell
  2. Stink
  3. Can learn Suspicious Stench
  4. Taste Aura
  5. Can learn either Numb or Queasy
  6. Can learn either Choking Odour or Kinesis
  7. Can learn either Phobia or Spooky Stack
  8. Twister
  9. Nausea