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The Unusual Suspects is a mission in Act 2 of Ghost Master. It's set in the town police station.

Objective: Scare everyone away.

Time: 20 minutes for 1 pumpkin rank


Although the recommended selection is functional, it isn't optimal. You may consider dropping one of the recommended haunters in favor of Stonewall.

Two good early sources of power are the front lobby and the jail cell containing the four Alpha Tau members. Bind a ghost and use a power that scares all targets at once for a quick early boost. You can repeat the effect in the lobby, although the jail cell is easier since they can't escape.

Releasing Banzai is as easy as binding Stonewall to the plant in the lobby.

Focusing on Blue Murder requires one of the longer tasks. You will need to scare Officer Andrew Haid from his post at the evidence room and keep him away. While he is absent, encourage Detective Norman Franz to approach (for example, using Terroreyes' Fascinate or Maxine Factor's Intrigue). If Norman is alone in the room, he will steal some of the money. After this, bring him to Blue Murder using a combination of Hidden Maze, Obsession, and Fascinate. If you've brought Boo along, you can also use Rattle Chains to bring people to her room.

Once you have at least 170 Plasm, you can release Electrospasm. Have Raindancer use Flood, then have Electrospasm use Surge at the same time. The timing can be a little difficult, but keep at it.

Dr. Krauss is in a lone cell in the corner. You will need to scare him enough in order to summon Dr. Brunner. Once she comes in, she will walk to the cell, open it, and have Dr. Krauss follow her. You don't need to do this, as she will show up anyway after the cell doors are open and people begin fleeing Concerning the main cells, there are a total of seven prisoners. While they can be terrorized, they won't be able to flee unless you can get the cells open. You will need to use Spark, Quake, or some similar effect to open the doors. The prisoners will attempt to leave on their own, but the officers will attempt to capture them and escort them back to the cells.

Aside from these, feel free to terrorize the mortals however you want. The mission will end when there are no sane mortals in the area.

Alternative strategy[]

Cogjammer's Wild & Crazy or Surge abilities can easily free Electrospasm; bind him on the lever.

To free Blue Murder, you can use a combination of Tricia and Hypnos.

  1. Bind Tricia somewhere on the main level and have her cast Ethereal Gift (or Trojan Gift if unlocked).
  2. Let a mortal pick up the gift and bind Hypnos to it.
  3. Have Hypnos cast Sleep specifically on Franz.
  4. When Franz is sleeping, bind Hypnos to him and cast Uncover Fear.
  5. Now Blue Murder should know about the murder; cast Obsession to lure him in.

The rest of the strategy doesn't matter, but as a bonus you can use Ethereal Gift or Trojan Gift to bind Blue Murder on the main floor.