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This pirate captain refused to part with his ship 'Ticantin' when it was sunk. Even in death, he stood guard over his beloved vessel, terrorizing aquatic life that 'threatened' it . When his ship was finally lifted from the depths, he was more than ready.

Thorne is a Wight that was cut from the game. Thorne was suppose to appear in The Abysmal, a mission that was also cut from the game.

The Ghost Master starts the game with Thorne.

Added by Complete Edition game-mod.

Power List[]

  1. Lingering Smell
  2. Can learn either Tremor or Stink
  3. Can learn Suspicious Stench
  4. Can learn Dread
  5. Numb
  6. Trap
  7. Possess
  8. Can learn either Scared to Death or Swallow
  9. Gushing Blood
  10. Buried Alive