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As owners come to resemble their pets, so do witches comes to resemble their spells. Specialising in weather control, this unhinged banshee soon became controlled by the weather, and now her mood swings are as temperamental as the skies.

Weatherwitch is a banshee. In life, she was a witch who used her magic to alter the weather before her demise. As a ghost, her spirit was somehow sucked into a vacuum cleaner, which is now in the hallway of the Kappa Lambda sorority house.

Weatherwitch can be unlocked in Haunting 101 or Facepacks & Broomsticks. To free her, the vacuum cleaner containing her must be broken. This can be done by binding an electrical ghost to one of the other electronic devices in the hallway and having them use Sparkstorm, Wild & Crazy, or Surge.

Power List[]

  1. Fog
  2. Can learn Distant Thunder or Fright
  3. Can learn Rain
  4. Gusts
  5. Thunderclap
  6. Can learn Aura Reading or Wail
  7. Can learn Ghostly Apparition or Haunted Hail
  8. Siren Song
  9. Can learn Cacophony or Typhoon