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Weird Séance is a mission in Act 1 of Ghost Master. It's set in the Alpha Tau fraternity house.

Objective: Scare everyone away.

Time: 15 minutes for 1 pumpkin rank


Lucky may be rescued by having a mortal get a high score on the pinball game. This requires the mortal to be fortunate when they play it, either from using Charm or Luckstorm. If you've already freed him, Static can use Sparkstorm while bound to the deer head in the same room as Lucky to shock the pinball table.

Terroreyes is anchored to a glass jar on the first floor. He is rescued by having Aether use Shattering Song - the best place to use this is right outside the window.

Wendel is found in one of the bedrooms, and is rescued if you can terrify Ted Gable. The level begins with someone asleep in the same room as Wendel, but they can be woken by using either Rattle Chains or Laughter.

As for the mortals, there is no special tactic required, although there are three that start in the basement; keep at least one ghost there to prevent anyone from lingering.