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Unlike many elementals, Whisperwind is a subtle spirit, foregoing ostentatious shows of power in favour of minor flights of fancy and small acts of mischief.

Whisperwind is an Air elemental. At some point, he was ensnared within a dreamcatcher, which is now hung in the hallway of Dr. Krauss's cabin.

Whisperwind can be unlocked in Summoners Not Included. To free him, the dreamcatcher that he's trapped in needs to be destroyed. The best way to do this is to bind Aether to the bicycle that's also in the hallway and have them use Shattering Song.

Power List[]

  1. Can learn either Footsteps or Moan
  2. Distant Thunder
  3. Can learn either Howl or Laughter
  4. Insane Invitation
  5. Tempest
  6. Can learn Wail
  7. Whisper
  8. Can learn either Shattering Song or Siren Song