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Stories have been told of Wisakejak for as long as stories have been told. He once sold an ocean to a vain prince, including a three year warranty against fire and theft.

Wisakejak is a Trickster. Although he is a very wily coyote, he was tricked by a shaman, who bound his spirit into a tree and said that he would only be free when a forest fire consumed his prison. As luck would have it, the tree was instead cut down and turned into a novelty totem pole decoration, which now stands in Colonel Sherman Morgan's office in the Gravenville military base.

Wisakejak can be unlocked in the Full Mortal Jacket Level. To free him, the totem pole that contains him must be burned. This can be accomplished by having a ghost use Bonfire while in the same room as the pole. Unfortunately, the room he's stationed in lacks fetters. There's two ways of getting the task done; having a mane possess one of the soldiers, enter the office, and activate the power or by having Wisakejak create a Trojan Gift and bind a Bonfire-creating ghost to it. He will then give his thanks and join the haunting team.

List of Powers[]

  1. Can learn either Flower Power or Fool's Errand
  2. Intrigue
  3. Can learn either Creepers or Wild Geese
  4. Can learn either Ethereal Gift or Twisted Vines
  5. Can learn either Fascinate or Jinx
  6. Arboreal Prison
  7. Shapeshifter
  8. Loathsome Aspect
  9. Trojan Gift
  10. Can learn Abhorrent Aspect